Classroom Teaching
Graduate Courses Previously Taught:
     Geographic Thought
Graduate seminar bootstrapping graduate students into the discipline of geography; defines the discipline and positions scholarship across the spectrum in various epistemological frameworks. Required for first-year geography graduate students. (sample syllabus) OU, FSU
     Theory of Sustainability
Graduate seminar that introduces the history of sustainability as a concept, examines critiques, explores alternative scientific and policy discourses, and introduces the current "state of the art" in the intersection between sustainability science and geography. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Critical Geographies (Part One)
Graduate seminar exploring theoretical antecedents to, and contemporary geographical efforts related to, critique. Incorporates Marxian, Post-Marxist, Poststructural, Feminist, Queer, and Post-Political perspectives. Note that this class is adjacent to another course, Critical Part Two, which focuses more specifically on themes of postcoloniality and ecological critique. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Qualitative Methods
Graduate seminar in which students explore and practice a variety of qualitative research methods, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and think about using them in a variety of mixed-method research programs. Particular but not exclusive focus on integrating qualitative data into spatially-oriented research questions. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Professional Development & Ethics
Graduate seminar for geographers and those in related disciplines. Students explore the practices of professional practice for geographers, with a strong emphasis on ethical practice. Focus on academic careers with inclusion of possibilities outside the academy as well. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Critical Geopolitics
Graduate seminar examining critical responses to 'classical' geopolitics, including: efforts to recognize a wider array of geopolitical actors; attention to statelessness as an historical phenomenon; popular geopolitics; and feminist geopolitics. OU
     Sociology of Housing
Theory of housing. This course is cross-listed between Regional & City Planning, and Sociology. (sample syllabus) OU
Undergraduate Courses Previously Taught:
     Urban Ecology
Mixed undergraduate/graduate course focused on the production, use, and experience of urban ecology/urban environments. Centered on U.S. cities with a smattering of international case studies, this course encourages students to think about the ways that the built environment produces/reproduces ecological functions, and how everyday urban practices interact with environmental outcomes. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Political Geography
Mixed undergraduate/graduate course exploring the history and development of political geography, from global political-economic analysis to urban-scale community formation. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Urban Geography
Mixed undergraduate/graduate course that explores the concept of "the urban" through the development of American cities (and urban geography as a discipline). Examples from 1850s-present with primary focus on the past 60 years. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Dead Cities
Undergraduate course that asks the question: how can we understand urban decay and decline? Students explore the differences between "conventional" urban poverty (which may be a necessary part of successful cities), systematic urban decline, new suburban poverty, favelas and shantytowns, etc. We also examine recent strategies to "reclaim" failing cities, including urban farming and removing streets from the city grid. (sample syllabus) FSU
     Principles of Human Geography
University of Oklahoma
     Introduction to GIS
Clark University
     Introduction to UNIX
Quincy College
     Introduction to Web Design
Quincy College

Graduate Supervision

I support students working on questions of urban development and politics; housing; sustainability; place-making; and exclusion in/from the city. If you are interested in becoming a graduate student with me in one of these areas, feel free to be in touch.

Current Students:
     Rachael Cofield (PhD, Co-Advisor, FSU)
Past Students:
     Olivia Williams (PhD 2017, Advisor)
     Kathryn Ziewitz (PhD 2016, Advisor)
     Nicholas Quinton (PhD 2014, Advisor)
     Timothy Kelleher (MA 2014, Advisor)
     Michael Nesius (MA 2014, Advisor)
     Doug Allen (PhD 2019, Committee Member)
     Ting Liu (PhD 2014, Committee Member)
     Toby Davine (MA 2016, Committee Member)
     Savannah Westwood (MA 2012, Comittee Member [International Affairs])

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