Curriculum Vitae
Faculty Posts
FSU Seal University of Oklahoma
Assistant Professor, 2017—present
Department of Geography & Environmental Sustainability
   — & —
Division of Regional & City Planning
FSU Seal Florida State University
Assistant Professor, 2011—2017
Department of Geography
Clark Seal Clark UniversityGraduate School of Geography
Doctor of Philosophy, 2011
Master of Arts, 2010
Hampshire Seal New York UniversityGallatin School
Master of Arts, 2007
Hampshire Seal Hampshire CollegeLiberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts, 2000
Journal Articles
♦ indicates editor-reviewed contribution
Early online The right to move: informal use rights and urban practices of mobility.
Joseph Pierce and Mary Lawhon
Urban Geography. (link)
2018 Provincializing urban appropriation: agonistic transgression as a mode of actually existing appropriation in South African cities.
Mary Lawhon, Joseph Pierce, and Anesu Makina
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 39(1) 117-131. (link)
2018 Scale and the construction of environmental imaginaries in local news.
Mary Lawhon, Joseph Pierce, and Roy Bouwer
South African Geographical Journal, 100(1) 1-21. (link)
2017 The law is not enough: seeking the theoretical frontier of urban justice via legal tools.
Joseph Pierce and Deborah G. Martin
Urban Studies, 54(2) 456-465. (link)
2017 Visceral pedagogy: teaching challenging topics emotionally as well as cognitively.
Joseph Pierce and Holly Widen
Journal of Geography, 116(2) 47-56. (link)
2017 Inserting scales of urban politics: the possibilities of meso-urban governance shims.
Olivia R. Williams and Joseph Pierce
Urban Geography, 38(6) 795-812. (link)
2017 Place-making at a national scale: framing tar sands extraction as 'Canadian' in The Globe and Mail.
Toby Davine, Mary Lawhon, and Joseph Pierce
The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe Canadien, 61(3) 428-439. (link)
2017 A spoiled well (of data): addressing the procedural injustice of contemporary environmental justice research through collaborative qualitative data gathering.
Hamil Pearsall and Joseph Pierce
Local Environment, 22(3) 388-392. (link) ♦
2016 Against power? Distinguishing between acquisitive resistance and subversion.
Joseph Pierce and Olivia R. Williams
Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 98(3) 171-188. (link)
2016 What do you mean when you say "urban"? Divergence between everyday language and Northern analytical vocabularies in South African cities.
Joseph Pierce and Mary Lawhon
Die Erde, 147(4) 284-289. (link)
2016 Rights in places: an analytical extension of the right to the city.
Joseph Pierce, Olivia R. Williams, and Deborah G. Martin
Geoforum 70(2016), 79-88. (link)
2016 Unlearning (un)located ideas in the provincialization of urban theory.
Mary Lawhon, Jonathan Silver, Henrik Ernstson, and Joseph Pierce
Regional Studies, 50(9) 1611-1622. (link)
2016 Iterative parallelism as research praxis: embracing the discursive incommensurability of scholarship and everyday politics.
Olivia R. Williams and Joseph Pierce
Area, 48(2) 222-228. (link)
2015 Placing Lefebvre.
Joseph Pierce and Deborah G. Martin
Antipode, 47(5) 1279-1299. (link)
2015 The hilliness of U.S. cities.
Joseph Pierce and Crystal A. Kolden
Geographical Review, 105(4) 581-600. (link)
2015 Walking as method: towards methodological forthrightness and comparability in urban geographical research.
Joseph Pierce and Mary Lawhon
Professional Geographer, 67(4) 655-662. (link)
2013 Reconceptualizing resistance: residuals of the state and democratic radical pluralism.
Deborah G. Martin and Joseph Pierce
Antipode, 45(1) 61-79. (link)
2012 Whither Rio +20?: demanding a politics and practice of socially just sustainability.
Hamil Pearsall, Joseph Pierce, and Robert Krueger
Local Environment, 17(9) 935-941. (link) ♦
2012 Urban politics and mental health: an agenda for health geographic research.
Joseph Pierce, Deborah G. Martin, Alexander Scherr, and Amelia Greiner
Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 102(5) 1084-1092. (link)
2011 Relational place-making: the networked politics of place.
Joseph Pierce, Deborah G. Martin, and James T. Murphy
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 36(1) 54-70. (link)
2010 Reinvigorating the concept of land tenure for American urban geography.
Joseph Pierce
Geography Compass, 4(12) 1747-1757. (link)
2010 Urban sustainability and environmental justice: evaluating the linkages in public planning/policy discourse.
Hamil Pearsall and Joseph Pierce
Local Environment, 15(6) 569-580. (link)
Book Chapters
In press Sustainability, justice, and the problem of scale: place-making as a “multi-scalar fix” in urban environmental politics.
Joseph Pierce
Chapter in SAGE Handbook of Nature, SAGE Publishers.
2017 Power and development.
Mary Lawhon and Joseph Pierce
Chapter in The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment and Technology, Wiley/AAG. (link)
Book Reviews
2017 Review of “Marxist Thought and the City” by Henri Lefebvre.
Joseph Pierce
Antipode. (link)
2016 Review of “Transportation and Revolt: Pigeons, Mules, Canals, and the Vanishing Geographies of Subversive Mobility” by Jacob Shell.
Joseph Pierce
The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe Canadien 60(4) e52. (link)
2016 Review of "Toward an Urban Cultural Studies: Henri Lefebvre and the Humanities" by Benjamin Fraser.
Joseph Pierce
Social and Cultural Geography 17(2) 331-332. (link)
Recent External Funding
2014 to 2018 The Scale of Governance in the Regulation of Land: Community Land Trusts in the Twin Cities.
PIs: Joseph Pierce, Deborah G. Martin, and James DeFilippis
National Science Foundation ($175,000)
2014 Politicizing African Urban Ecologies: Enabling Radical Geographical Research Practices for African Scholars.
Awardees: Henrik Ernstson, Jonathan Silver, Mary Lawhon, and Joseph Pierce
Antipode Foundation ($15,000)
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