On Being A Geographer

I am a geographer, with interests in urban politics, questions of ecology and sustainability, and the social/political production of particular urban landscapes. I am reminded of Elvin Wyly's commentary, in which he quotes the reflections of Peter Gould: what on earth is a geographer and how does one explain it? Geographers say that we study the "why of where," or "human-environment relations," and we also argue at length about the boundaries of our discipline.

My own research explores how informal land use regulation shapes the day-to-day practices of urban residents, as well as how the politics of urban place-making shape siting decisions. The ultimate goal of this research is to better understand the relationship between urban politics and differentially sustainable outcomes for cities and their inhabitants. More information is available in a section on research projects.

Information about my past and current roles as an educator and mentor is available. My professional history describes my academic foci over the past several years and recent publishing history.

Please feel free to be in touch. I can be reached via email at:
my first name {at} joe pierce {dot} org.

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